Gattaca. to Be Human Is to Strive for Perfection (Letter to the Editor)

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Dear Editor, I can imagine the picture of perfection painted by the article in your magazine. When the human race works like clockwork and all imperfection are removed genetically, everyone will work within his or her genetically designed purpose. There is little risk in venturing or risking the failure of any project. But this seems to remove all notion of adventure and the proving of oneself. It does not address the individual's aspiration or celebrate the individual in any way at all. In other words, to be perfect removes all that pertains to humanity. First of all, I want to discuss what perfection really means. Perfection means faultless, without weaknesses, completely correct, exact, and accurate. Perfection is beautiful and offers us an ideal life and I will agree with that. I agree that perfection eradicates all faults and living a perfect life is awesome, but I certainly don’t think to be human is to strive for perfection. Personally, I think that being human is to find happiness and true satisfaction. To be human is to strive for happiness, which is the most important aspect in our lives. Happiness is what we all need in our everyday lives, not perfection as how you have published. Perfection is not a key aspect because humans are made to have faults, to have frailties, no one can be perfect. To be human is to strive after aspiration. I believe that everyone needs to dream and reach out for a goal that gives deep satisfaction. In a sterilized world where all living beings are assigned a role and life falls into routine, there is no possibility of allowing oneself to gain deep satisfaction in having reached a goal. One will find life devoid of interest and empty even if all of society seems untainted and uncorrupted. It is as good as living life as a robot. Robots are designed to work for the need of humans and are controlled by a remote. They have no

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