Gattaca Essay

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Gattaca allows us to see that despite genoism, an individual is able to rise above his fate. Andrew Niccol, through his scientifically fictional based film Gattaca, conveys a cautionary tale that encapsulates the potential hazards of genetical manipulation in the ‘not-to-distant future’. Niccol portrays a society, which is driven by the pursuit of perfection and elimination of the slightest flaws from the designed ‘specimens’. The concept of genoism that is ingrained in the society, decays the idea of individualism and uniqueness as it pre-determines the future of newly born children, based on their genetical synopsis. However, through the ‘invalid’ protagonist, Vincent, the film exhibits the capacity of an individual to defy the biological predispositions they are prone to. The film indicates that technologically reinforced discrimination restricts characters to achieve beyond their pre-determined capabilities. In the quest of achieving utopianism, humanity and morality is extracted from the scientifically advanced society. However, despite the genoism, an individual is capable of forming close bonds with others, which can fuel his will power and enable him to ‘rise above his fate’. ‘No one exceeds their potential. If they did, it would mean we did not accurately gauge their potential in the first place’; this was the belief held by Director Josef and many others in the dystopian society which innately determines individuals’ future. Genetic mapping is no longer used to increase longevity, but to design specimen who are perfected for their determined careers. For example, the original Jerome was designed with a strong, steady heart for athletic endeavors, and the six-fingered concert pianist that Vincent and Irene observe had been bred for musical excellence. These ‘valids’ had their lives fated for them, However not many could accomplish their designated

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