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Gattaca Gattaca is a sci-fi movie directed by Andrew Niccol. In the cast of this movie there are some important actors like Ethan Hawke (as Vincent), Uma Thurman (as Irene) and Jude Law (as Jerome). This film is the critical representation of an hypothetical future society driven by genes manipulation: the so called eugenics. In a not so distant future, human beings, are created with an almost perfect genetic, directly selected, before the fertilization by their parents. Using this process is possible to know in advance virtually anything related to the physical and hereditary characters of the future person. The last “versions” of ultimate human beings are generated without imperfections. Using the analysis of blood and urine, companies select employees more responsive to the workplace, even if it is declared an illegal practice. For choice of parents, Vincent was born in a natural way, without the intervention of science, contrary to his younger brother and is catalogued as “Non-Valid”. He is diagnosed with the same cardiac weakness of the father and for this reason he is supposed to die at the age of 32 years. But Vincent always dreamed to become an astronaut and decides to work for Gattaca Aerospace Corporation, the most prestigious space-flight company responsible for the aerospace interplanetary missions. Because of his condition of “non-valid”, Vincet knows that it can not pass the genetic analysis carried out on blood (which are officially taken under the pretext of an examination drugs). After a suggestion given by a colleague, Vincent decides to buy the identity of Jerome, a genetically perfect athlete, who became paraplegic after an accident. Vincent rebuilds his new identity day after day working hard with intensive training, using continuously bags of blood and urine that Jerome prepare accurately in order to pass the controls, submitting to

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