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gatsby's downfall Jay gatsy exemplifies the theme high aspirations lead to fatal consequences in f. Scott Fitzgerald the great Gatsby. Gatsby's infatuation with daisy buchanon's life style causes gatsy to lose all opportunities of fulfilling his true potential in life and ultimately loses sight of what he wants and unfortunately his misinterpretation of the dream causes his uncanny demise. "what Gatsby feels towards daisy when they first met is it feels like he is married to her that was all" (157) Gatsby is more obsessed with her luxurious lifestyle then his love for her and because of this his infatuation of having daisy "seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it" (189) His obsession was over daisy and her lifestyle for years this caused Gatsby to lose his opportunity to have Daisy which ironically caused his death because he couldn't have her. Another example of how high aspirations lead to fatal consequences is that he had a high aspiration to get rich quick just to be near daisy which caused his death. With his wealth taking over his life eventually leading him to daisy who he couldn't have which in the end cause his untimely demise. Finally the last example of how high aspirations lead to fatal consequences is Gatsby had a high aspiration of having a luxurious lifestyle like daisy did so he could fall in love with daisy's life style at first at not for her. This leads to his death because he is blind sided by the luxurious life style . Finally this essays high aspirations lead to fatal consequences in gatsby's life when he falls in love with daisy buchanon' when he aspires to get rich quick to be near daisy and finally yo have luxurious lifestyle which he absolutely loves more than daisy at one point but changes overtime. All these high aspirations are the causes of the downfall of

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