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Gatsby – Timed Writing Entry one:- Two rhetorical devices that were used vividly in “The Great Gatsby” were symbolism and the usage of an unresolved subplot. The first is symbolism; Symbolism is the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities. The most obvious example of symbolism is the “green light” across the lake. This green light is used as a symbol of Gatsby’s goal, his dream, Daisy, close enough for him to see, yet it’ll always out of reach. The green light is a symbol of his American dream, the thing he spent all his time and effort to achieve, his sole motivation. The green light is described as ‘minute and far away’ which makes it appear impossible to reach. This will prove to be true for Gatsby. The green light also represents society’s desire and the seeming impossibility of achieving the materialistic American Dream. Not only that but Gatsby used to see Daisy as this precious gem that no one could reach and when she fell in love with him, that somehow made him feel the need to become worthy of her in every way possible, he had to become the knight in shining armor she imagined, that green light represents the past 5 years spent of becoming that idealistic image of the ultimate nobility. She is meant to be the token of his success. He reinforces the idea that green light represents Daisy which is his dream. Symbolism was also frequently used by Shakespeare’s tragedy “The Tragedy of King Lear”, for example, one of the important symbols in the play is “blindness”. Both Lear and Gloucester abandon their loyal and caring children believing the lies of their sly and cruel children. Gloucester’s blinding, due to Edmund, symbolizes the parental blindness which had already existed. It is meant to represent how with or without eyes the parental figures seemed blind to what is before their very eyes. While Lear did have his eyesight he was blind at

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