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The Great Gatsby Notes Chapter 1: * Nick Carraway: I. Honest II. Amusing III. Unassuming IV. Reserving of judgments V. Non- Bias VI. Has sense of humor * These characteristics in his personality allow him to create a special bond/trust between Nick and the readers. * Pg. 3-4: Nick shifts from scorn to admiration ( his feeling towards Gatsby) * Tom Buchan: I. Proud ‘The Book’ II. Cruel III. Egotistic IV. Double standards (hypocrite) V. Arrogant VI. Narcissistic VII. ‘Alpha’ VIII. Pushy * Daisy Buchanan: IX. Attractive(pretty) X. Light headed XI. Teasing XII. Sarcastic XIII. “beautiful little fool” XIV. Playful XV. Her “voice” * Jordan Baker: XVI. Attractive(pretty) XVII. Gossip XVIII. Quiet XIX. Sportive XX. Curious XXI. Liar * Jay Gatsby: XXII. Solitary XXIII. Nervous XXIV. Mysterious XXV. Formal XXVI. “The Green Light” XXVII. Dreamer XXVIII. Perfectionist Chapter 2: * Pg.18-19: I. Myrtle changing her clothes “Materialism” II. “The dog”. Tom showing off his power and money buys what he wants no matter what the price. III. She buys what she wants as soon as she arrives, she is used to the fact that tom will pay for anything. IV. Flock of white sheep- he is prepared for anything. * Pg.20: V. The paintings and the furniture of the apartment. “Materialism & Glamour”. VI. Duality in Carraway is what makes him trustworthy VII. Carraway has a distinct eye for detail, even when he’s drunk his eye for detail is strong. VIII. He admits to the reader that he

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