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Micala King 7-30-12 1st hour, AP English Chapter 1: Significant Quote The 1st chapter of “The Great Gatsby” had a quote that Daisy uttered which stated,-“That’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool” (Fitzgerald, 1925, p.21). This quote is very significant. It pretty much says the attitude of women in the 1920s through the women’s movement. It is saying that women should have a lack of knowledge and men do not value the knowledge of women in the 1920s. Daisy does not challenge that notion however; she just seems presently bored with her life. Also she seems if she and her daughter were more beautiful, less knowing and more simplistic, she would have a lot more fun and enjoy her life more. Furthermore she wouldn’t have tension filled issues such has her impending love for Gatsby. Chapter 2: Theme In the second chapter, Fitzgerald writes briefly about the eyes of Dr. Tj. Eckleburg(Fitzgerald,1925,p.27). The Eyes of Eckleburg are pair of fading eyes on a billboard staring across the Valley. The Eyes figuratively are like a judge upon the lifelessness of the materialistic people in East and West Egg. Also I think The Eyes can be like the tabloids, the internet, and the media in general, judging and making up lies and making hell for certain people. Also the Eyes of Tj Eckleburg can be like God. The characters think God is judging them because of their inequities and also because of their useless judgments of other people lesser than they are, at least in social class. Also I think maybe they are just finding meaning in a fading billboard with big blue eyes is because they can’t find any meaning in anyone or anything. Chapter 3:

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