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Gatsby’s dream is that he is married to daisy. He believes that he can achieve this goal and become happy through wealth and power. Gatsby had once come close to his dream when he was younger but since he didn’t have any money in his family or the proper social status that it would have taken to marry daisy it didn’t happen. Gatsby vowed to gain the proper amount of money and the social status to marry daisy. He first started his mission by joining the military and going off to war. While he was away however daisy had found a new man named Tom Buchanan who was extremely wealthy and had the proper social status to marry Daisy and at the time they loved each other so they got married. When Gatsby got home from war he finally had the proper social status to marry Daisy, but he learned that she had married Tom while he was away. When Gatsby learned about this he became depressed. In spite of Daisy already being married Gatsby kept on working to get more money because he thinks the more money he gets the more likely Daisy is to come back to him. In pursuit of his dream he loses all of his morals, integrity and when you think about it he becomes a zombie focused on one thing and that is for him and Daisy to get married. Gatsby became less of a human; he had little or no emotions and really only care for himself. Now Daisy still likes Gatsby and even goes as far as to have an affair with him. Both Daisy and Tom are cheating on each other but because the fear of what will happen to each of their social statuses they stay together despite not loving each other any more. After all of this took place Gatsby never kept an open-mind about getting serious with any other girls so he never got married and ended up dying sad and alone. I mean no one even cared about him enough to show up for Gatsby’s funeral. Maybe it’s just me but yeah you should always pursue for your own happiness

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