Gatorade Vs. Water

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There has always been people who try to argue that Gatorade is not any better for athletes than water, well if thats true, then why do most athletes prefer Gatorade to any other sports drink, including water? Could it be that it tastes better, or that countless studies have shown that it scientifically can refuel the average athlete better? The truth is there is no single reason that Gatorade is a better than water, there are many. Gatorade is better than water because it tastes better, it refuels the body better and faster, it is on all ways superior in comparison to water, and Gatorade's appearance is also more appealing than water's. The reason why most athletes choose Gatorade over water is because the ingredients in Gatorade refuel the body quicker than water. Athletes need to be able to get replenished instantly and they know that Gatorade will do it the best. If an athlete only has a few moments to take a breather, he can get a quick drink of Gatorade and go back to his activity much more energized than he was before. The Gatorade company tries its best to keep the consumer hydrated. "Gatorade focus has always been fluid replacement" (Theodore). Gatorade is specifically designed to refuel the body quicker than water or any sports drink for that matter. Gatorade Company spends most of its time making sure the consumer will not overheat. "The company maintains that its formula of carbohydrates (sucrose, glucose and fructose) and electrolytes (potassium and sodium) is the optimal mixture for stimulating fluid absorption, helping the body maintain fluid balance, providing energy to working muscles and enhancing athletic performance" (Kays and Phillips). All the ingredients in Gatorade are exactly made to make sure you stay hydrated. Gatorade's main focus is to refuel the consumer better than water, and it does just that. A University of Wisconsin study found

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