Gas Prices In America

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Gas prices The way of life in America has changed dramatically within the last year due to increasing gas prices throughout the nation. It’s affecting young and old, people of every race, poor and middle class as well as the economic structure of the our country. The cost of operating a motor vehicle has put a hole in people’s pockets. A tank of gas cost approximately $50 ($3.60 per gallon) for the average car. A year ago the same tank of gas cost $28 ($2.09 per gallon). Not long ago, people would cruise around with any regard for the price of gas. Now people are thinking twice on how to spend their hard earned cash wisely when driving. People are even turning in there high fuel eating cars to buy cars that are more gas efficient. Why is this…show more content…
They don’t realize how bad it is hurting our environment along with burning a hole in our pockets. “My mom won’t let me out driving for a long period of time because she pays for the gas in my car” said Brian Raftry. “I have to work five days a week for six hours and the money that I make still isn’t enough to pay for the price of gas” Collin Wray stated. That is true. Most kids our age that are just learning how to drive need to pay for gas prices on their own with out their parents help. Some kids even have to work two jobs to pay for gas. “I am just going to sell my car and walk everywhere I go” Kyle Clemenz said. “I literally feel bad for your generation Laura, because the gas prices keep going up and it’s hard to say where you will be in life with this problem. You might have to work two or three jobs to maintain the money for gas these days. Chances are that the prices will keep going up and the demand for work will go up or there will not be enough jobs for everyone because people will realize that they need at least two jobs to pay for gas” my Grandma

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