Gary Trudeau's 'My Inner Shrimp'

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Journal # 4 My inner shrimp is about a boy who was picked on back when he was a kid in school. He could never defend himself and suffered all throughout is childhood because of his lack of height. Gary Trudeau later recalls on those unforgettable moments and shares with us how much name calling and bullying can affect one person’s future. Trudeau’s childhood was far from normal. Instead of worrying about grades, tests, and girls, he was worrying about running into a bully he greatly feared. No kid should have to go through that just because they are short. No kid should have to be called names like “midget.” And no kid should have to cry in his dad’s arms and ask him why he is so short. It’s amazing to me that Trudeau is still haunted by his past. Even though he became taller, he still thinks of himself as a short person because that’s all he was ever told when he was a child. Instead of being angry and vengeful towards the bullies, he continues to feel sorry for himself. I myself have the same sort of problem today.…show more content…
I was about 5’ 8” and proud, but other kids didn’t feel the same way. I grew 6 inches in one year, which made me very uncoordinated. Every time I tripped or knocked something over, I always got the same response from my peers. They called me clumsy and fat. Their words hurt me still today, just like Trudeau. When kids feel insecure about themselves, they do the one thing they know best, and that is too make you feel more insecure than they are. Trudeau and I are not the only ones. Most likely everyone that has ever went through school, whether it

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