Gary Sotto Essay Response

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In the following narrative written by Gary sotto, he uses several different literary devices. He uses these devices to effectively describe and recreate one of his experiences with guilt from when he was just a small child. Among these devices used to recreate Sotto’s past are repetition, imagery, and diction. Repetition is used several times throughout the passage of him when he was a child in order to make the more important details evident to the readers. Repetition in this passage is used a not by just repeating the same word throughout the narrative, but by also repeating certain ideas and thoughts as well. An example of a single word being repeated could be the word sin, which he uses three times throughout the passage. He also repeats ideas and images about his religious beliefs. The repetition of theses ideas allows Sotto to show how he changes by his reaction to them each time they are brought up. Imagery is used to put the reader into the situation in which is being described by the writer. Sotto uses imagery to portray what he is feeling, the environment in which he resides, and the emotions that are taking place as he is carrying out an action or experiencing an event. He uses imagery to also communicate ideas or to help get the point across to the reader. For example as the events of the passage unraveled it showed how his view on god changes from the beginning to the end. Using diction, Sotto could manipulate the reaction of the reader by choosing certain words that could be more descriptive or less descriptive depending on the result that he wished to achieve. When the reader sees the word “run” there is nothing really special, its bland, but when a reader sees the word “sprint” it specifies what the exact action is that is being performed. Word choice can dictate how narrowed down or specific the wants it the action to be , or how broad of a
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