Gary Ridgway: Green River Serial Killer

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11/03/2014 Gary Ridgway Gary Ridgway was best known as the “Green River” serial killer due to where he left his victims. For two decades Ridgway went on a shocking killing spree targeting more than forty-eight prostitutes and teenage runaways. Overtime, killing became part of his well-being. It takes a certain kind of mind to digest the taking of another human life with no remorse. For an individual to lose self-control in such deviant and heinous activity, left fear upon many. When trying to theorize Ridgway behaviors, it is obvious that he does not fall easily into just one category. To apply a single theory would be to undermine his personality and characteristic abilities. From the beginning, Ridgway was abused mentally, sexually and…show more content…
He like being in control during the sexual encounters and murder. According to “Role of Psychology and Geography in the green River Murders” by Sean M. Cramer, fits the power/control category of a serial killer, characterized by experiencing sexual gratification from over powering his victims” (The Serial killer, Web). Reinforcing his own male power and authority that could have never been expressed with his domineering mother. Consequently, compensated by punishing his victims for his bruised ego. From day one Gary showed signs of violence, learning disabilities, and was overwhelmed with guilt of sexual fantasies about his mother only then too became sickened with his imaginations. Eventually his sexual appetite started to increased. Gary began soliciting prostitutes in his twenty‘s contracting STDs while in the military. After the military Gary went on to lead a normal life by getting married and divorce three times and having a son . Thereafter, continuously showing signs of failures. During this period the wives and solicited prostitutes under his safe category maintained that he did not appear to be dangerous. Bystanders spotted him regularly on the strip believed him to be quiet, honest family man using the pictures of his son in persuading the women. Ridgway killed spontaneously and…show more content…
Analyzing the past life of Gary gave insight as to why the Antisocial Personality Disorder and Frustration-Aggression Theory helps to characterize his behaviors. The Antisocial Personality Disorder emphasize that individuals who are unsocial with society and lacks empathy with no remorse. Gary Ridgway demonstrated these behaviors by killing forty-eight women with no regard of their life or families. Taking pleasure in murdering those women showed he was selfish and heartless. After recognizing that other behaviors such as

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