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Gardner Intelligence Paper Page 1 Gardner Intelligence Paper PSY/300 General Psychology By: Jamie Berthelette April 4, 2011 Instructor: Karin Detweiler Gardner Intelligence Paper Page 2 In the recent years, intelligence has come to be recognized as multifaceted, functional, and culturally defined. According to Kowalski and Westen (2009), “intelligence is the application of cognitive skills and knowledge to learn, solve problems, and obtain ends that are valued by an individual or culture” (Kowalski, 2009). As you read further into it, she or he will learn the different ways to intelligence, especially Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, as well as how those intelligences can change one’s life. There has been three different concepts over the years that have tried to describe intelligence. These types of concepts consist of the information-intake, the theory of multiple intelligences, and the psychometric approach. This paper will center on the theory of multiple intelligences, which consists of eight different intelligences that are used in solving problems or the capability to solve culturally significant products (Kowalski, 2009). The three intelligences that I decided to write about are going to be Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Linguistic. The reason I chose these three intelligences is because I can relate to them the most and they are the intelligences that helped me reach all my personal goals in life. Starting with Interpersonal Intelligence, which is the abilities that people will use to interact with people. Sometimes Interpersonal skills can also be known as being able to communicate great with people. Interpersonal skills have to do with listening and also the way a person talks. Interpersonal skills is also communicative and mental process used during any social events and interactions to

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