Gardner Intelligence Essay

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Gardner Intelligence PSY 300 November 8, 2010 Gardner Intelligence Everybody is intelligent in their own way. Understanding your multiple intelligences can help you in your workplace and education. Knowing how you learn will tell you what area you need to work on to reach you goal effectively. In this paper you will learn about Howard Gardner beliefs on intelligences and what three intelligent have impacted my life personal and how they will help me to reach my goal in life. Howard Gardner explains intelligence as “the capacity to solve problems or fashion products that are valued in one or more cultural setting.” (Smith, 2002 2008, Howard Gardner, multiple intelligences and education, para. 10). He originally believes there were seven different types of intelligences that he calls “multiple intelligence.” The seven multiple intelligence is linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, intrapersonal and interpersonal. Later Gardner develops the eighth intelligence call naturalistic intelligence. He believe that everyone has all eight intelligences, it is just a matter of you taking the time to develop each one. Each person develops different intelligences faster than other but you can improve on your weak area. When I took Howard Gardner personally test I scored highest on interpersonal, logical/mathematical and bodily/kinesthetic, which fit me perfect but I also learned my weak areas that I need to improve on to be successful in my future. I scored the highest on interpersonal, which does not surprise me because I love working with people and have good social skills. Choosing psychology as a major is a good fit because I love to connect with people on a personal level. Communication is important in psychology because you need to listen and understand what a he or she need and provide that for them without overstepping his or

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