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Gardner Intelligence Chantel McLuskie PSY/300 Ashley Dolecki This paper will cover three of the intelligences in Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple intelligences. The three intelligences that I chose to cover are: Naturalistic, Linguistic, and Musical. The reason I chose to cover these three intelligences is that they are the ones I use to learn, and the ones I identify with most. I will follow what each of the intelligences means and how the relate to my learning experience and how I maximize each intelligence for my schoolwork. I will also will show how they are closely related, each one interlocking with the next. Howard Gardner saw that there was a need to address the fact that there were different learning styles, and so he created the theory of multiple intelligences. According to this theory there are eight kinds of intelligences (Nolan,2003). The eight intelligences are: linguistic, musical, naturalistic, logical, spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. The three that I will be covering in this paper are: Naturalistic, linguistic, and musical. The reason I chose to cover these three are because they are my intelligences and what I use while doing my schoolwork. The first intelligence I will cover is musical intelligence. Musical intelligence makes use of sound to the greatest extent possible. I use it while studying or doing my homework. The rhyming of key words, and listening to music while I do my homework helps me study and remember what I need to. Those who show a musical intelligence tend to use rhyming, and other beats to remember what they need to. Those who have a tendency towards musical intelligence tend to show it at a young age(Helding,2010). Also those who show musical intelligence will tend to change their mood when they listen to music. Those with a musical intelligence tend to capture their moods in their

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