Gardner & Bacon 4 Idols

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I will explain how, where we live or how we live and our experiences growing up, can affect how we interact with people. I will be giving examples that help us to recognize why certain aspects of both Gardner and Bacons theory’s come in to play when it comes to interacting with others. I will be using my own experience to back up what I’m saying. “Meechy”, is a little boy I used to take care of. This 10 year old little boy came into my care, because his mother was sent to jail for an extended period of time. He had been in a few homes, but no one could get control of him in any sense. He wouldn’t talk to adults at all and had a really bad temper when it came to other children at school. He was constantly being kicked out and it seemed like he was on his own. I remember the first day I took him up to the school to get tested to see where he was at in his curriculum. This was a 4th grade little boy who was testing at the kindergarten and 1st grade levels. How does this happen? Where have his teachers been for the past 4 years? Those were questions I asked myself in disgust. This was a boy who grew up poor, had little or no guidance for any adult figures in his life and had basically raised himself to this point. He was bouncing around from school to school and just seemed to be getting lost in the system, which was setting him up for failure. I truly believe that the lack of education Meechy had in the past was having a profound affect on how he acted. I later figured out it was because he felt as if no one cared about what happened to him, that he figured he was not worth being paid attention to. He would do things to get that attention, but always in a negative way. Understanding Bacons Idols and the effect education or lack of can have on an individual is brought out in the understanding of why Meechy was the way he was. Gardner in his
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