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Garbology Essay Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash is a book to learn a lot from. I am going to be honest right now; there were parts in the book where I started falling asleep while reading because it did not seem very interesting for me at times. But overall the book gave me clear idea and a reality check of the relationship between humanity and trash and I was fascinated. Before reading Garbology I did not really pay much attention to the amount of trash I wasted and what kind of material I wasted neither. Now, I recycle the cardboard from the boxes my dorm furniture comes in and I place all my empty water bottles in a plastic bag and when the bag gets full I place it in the huge blue recycling bin in front of my dorm building. After reading Garbology I thought of times I cleaned my room and everything that I did not use or think I was going to use in the future I tossed in the trash pile. Things such as papers, pens, bottles, bags, and different types of plastics were always in my trash pile. I do agree with Humes’ assessment that America’s trash habit has reached dangerous proportions. We do not even think of what we are throwing away, we just do it. When I was a kid and when my younger sister was growing up in elementary school we were always told by our parents “throw it away” if we had something we did not use anymore or if something got ruined. I am sure my parents were not the only ones to use that phrase on their kids. So from an early age we start programing ourselves to just throw away things without a second thought to it. A little bulb of happiness lights up inside of me when I see movements related to recycling and making Earth a better, greener place to live in. Like when I see supermarkets advertising to buy their simple and cute reusable bags and become a “smart shopper” by not wasting plastic bags and have your own reusable bags when

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