Garbage Project Essay

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Waleed Nafeesah Garbage Project Archeology is the knowing about the human by his activity in the past. To give an example, the Artifacts in feature A and feature B are give us an idea about the people that through the things in them. The Feature A and B are garbage with different contents. So the trash study in archeology leads to know helpful information through the things that people used. The understanding of garbage contains archeology studying used a variety of ways. The studying selects to decide who deposited the garbage in the cans, how many persons were there, what actions can lead to deposit of features along with other connected issues. In addition, we can identify from the garbage a lot of factors like the gender of the people who used to throw their things in the trash, their ages, about their own lifestyle or habits, when the trash was deposited, and their socioeconomic status. Organizing the garbage into stages is so impotent thing in the archeology. So knowing the connection between things in the same trash can help us in showing the personality of those who used to throw in this trash. Each object in the trash can tell us a massage such as the kind of object, the color of it, the subject and the mixture of items. In this project the feature A has a lot of different things unlike the feature B. The garbage cans might contain a lot of things but with a main object, to give an example, the main object in these two trash cans is the food wasting. So the frequent objects have a connection in the lifestyle with those people who used to throw their wasting in this garbage. In the both features A and B there are a lot of visible item and others items that we couldn’t see them well. So feature A contain food objects related to each other. The whole garbage loads by the contents such as empty soda cans, packages for junk food and other food related to

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