Gani's Diary Essay

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Gani’s Diary Entry 1 Today I was called into colonel Fario’s office. I wondered why he wanted to see me I was sick with worry. I was sure I hadn’t done anything wrong. I hadn’t. Colonel Fario wanted me to assassinate a man called Hans Mueller - Greenboots. Greenboots was a journalist who let the world know of what was happening in the rainforest and to the people who lived there. I was shocked. “He is to vanish without a trace.” he said. Fario assured me that if I completed this mission then my future would be very bright. That made me fill with joy and glee. However if I was to fail then I would be disowned .That idea filled me with dread. I am to gain Greenboots’ trust so that when he is vulnerable I can kill him with ease. I will then dump his body in the sea so that he is lost forever. Entry 2 Blood. Everywhere. On my face, in my hair, on my clothes. I had a gut feeling that this would happen. Selim just can’t resist a fight. My own weapon remains unfired as I couldn’t possibly take part in such brutality. After the battle Selim showed me a head I looked away in disgust. No-one deserves to have their head cut off especially not a fifteen year old boy. I was horrified but Selim told me to tell him if the head he held in his hand was that of the boy chief - Muyu. I told him that it was not. Marquez gave me a look of pure disgust. “Mind your own business Marquez.” I thought to myself. “ You would do the same in m position.” I had my plan to kill Greenboots and if the only way to do this was to let Selim go on a killing rampage to get him out of the way then so be it. Entry 3 Tonight I spoke to Greenboots. He was in a sorry state. He had broken ribs, cuts and bruises, a gash along the back of his head and one lense of his glasses was smashed in. I gave him some beer and ordered the guards that were watching over him to treat him well and give him

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