Gangs In Prison

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Gangs in prison There are gangs in every prison and the guards have to keep a look out for them; recruiting new inmates “fresh meat” as the inmates call them. They victimise an inmate to join their gang. Gangs are viewed as a means of survival in a prison starved of any morals, and murder and violence is just normal routine. Many prisons are let off with being the worst prisons in the world due to the upkeep of the prison not through the violence decreasing. Venezuela’s prison La Sabeneta is one of the worst prisons due to that they have one guard to every 150 inmates. Corruption and bribery is normal with the staff and 624 hurt and 196 murdered in 1995 shows the brutality of the prison when an inmate had a gun battle with the inmates. La Sante prison in France is well known for its high suicide rate with 124 suicides in just 1999. Some have even eaten rat poison to escape from living there. Many have become slaves while others only leave their cells for 4 hours a day. For minor misbehaviour prisoners are sent to the punishment block or the ‘hole’ with no running water and many are left there for days. Carandiru Penitentiary in Brazil has everything from massacres, HIV prisoners to legalised torture. The 7500 inmates there, the majority have HIV but never entered being positive and most of the time when there is a surgery they forget the anaesthetics. Tadmor military prison in Syria still use the medieval methods of torture on the guilty and innocent, being dragged by a rope till dead or beaten to death by pipes. But the massacre of June 27 1980 killing 500 prisoners for no reason by the guards and is the worst known massacre to happen. The worst prison in the world is the ADX Florence Supermax prison in Colorado, the use of slow and inhumane torture. Inmates only let out for 9 hours a week and rarely get to interact with other inmates with
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