Gangs in America Essay

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In the earlier days of our country’s history, the immigration population was a great number. With new-comers added to this country, this would come with a great deal of strive, suffering, and unfair treatment. The immigrants tolerated this mistreatment for a while, but eventually, they started a resistance of their own. Gangs, if you would call it were developed. These gangs were started to protect the neighborhoods that fell prey to the “natives” who would make life much more difficult for them. These gangs were positive. Today, gangs have a whole new spin to them and now they’re getting the youth involved now. There are approximately 24, 500 gangs in America. In the year of 2000, there were an estimated number of 750,000 gang members in the country. In 2009 the numbers drastically raised to one million gang members in America. Out of those million gang members, 40% of them are juveniles (under 18.) Also, 94% of all gang members a male. That being said, this would mean that the majority of the gang-affiliated juveniles are boys. Why are boys more exposed to gangs more than girls? In the society of the world, boys are taught to be tough and to hide their emotions even when they want to cry. Being taught this at an early age can do things to the mind of a child who doesn’t know any better. Sad to say, many households are containing only one parent. Usually the mother is the only parent present. It is a proven fact that 85% of juveniles that have behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. It wouldn’t be a surprise if a great deal of the fatherless children joined gangs. It is already established that young people make the choice to join gangs when a parent is missing from the household. The juveniles are seeking kinship and a sense of belonging. Every child/teen wants to have the mental security of knowing that they are loved. It is very important

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