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The relationship between gang activity and social injustice in the Caribbean Grade 65% By Cornelius, Collin, Christine, Ann [] Richard ( I had to search for this and insert it) full name and UWI ID Introduction The phenomenon of gang activity in the Caribbean has impacted greatly on the society. This level of activity has been shown in the rise of crime and violence throughout the region. The gangs impact communities either through fear of them or by victimization from their crimes. Nowadays, gangs in the Caribbean are acting like the mafia; it is becoming frightening to see how gang violence has escalated within the last decade. Jamaica was the only Caribbean island that was usually associated with gang violence. But with the explosion of the media revolution one is now aware that gang violence is seriously affecting the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados are under siege due to rise in crime and violence. Gang violence is linked with other criminal activities such as drugs, larceny, rape and homicide. The concept “One ring to rule them all,” from the trilogy “Lord of Rings” shows that the one who controls the ring has ultimate power. This way of operating is reflective of the gangs operating within some of the Caribbean. In light of these issues, this project attempts to show the relationship between gang activity and social injustice in the Caribbean with special focus on Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. Methodology This methodology is largely inductive because it is utilizing literature sourced from the University of the West Indies, St Augustine; a research paper from the Criminology and Social Psychology Department by Roy D McCree; internet sources “Into the Abyss” by Mike Carlie; newspaper clippings from the Trinidad Guardian, Newsday, Jamaican Observer, The Jamaican

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