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gangs Essay

  • Submitted by: gbay04
  • on March 3, 2009
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For years in American history street gangs have been a blemish on our society. They have committed violent crimes and torn apart our communities and disrupted our schools. According to the FBI there are 30,000 gangs in the America with about 800,000 members but these numbers are disputed due to different definitions of a gang. Although most gang violence occurs between rival gangs of the same ethnic background, gang activity affects nearly everyone in the community in some way. In America's schools, gangs create an environment of intimidation and fear that can make it all but impossible for students to learn. Gangs are a force that hurt American youth. This paper will discuss what factors influences gang activity, why gangs are a problem to our schools and communities and what the government should to stop gang violence.
Street gangs have a deep rooted history in America. Since the time of Billy the Kid in the wild west to modern street gangs on Chicago streets like the Latin Kings, gangs have been a menace to law abiding citizens. The FBI defines a gang as “a group of three or more individuals bonded together by race, national origin, culture or territory, who associate on a continual basis for the purpose of committing criminal acts.” (Hammond) The origins of street gangs can be seen going back to the 1920’s, influenced by gangsters like Al Capone gangs became a symbol for the lower class neighborhoods. As time went on more gangs were seen forming in cities all over the country. In the 40’s and 50’s Mexican gangs appeared on the west coast and in the 60’s due to civil strife African American gangs were doubling there numbers. In the 90’s crime rates began to fall but at the same time gangs were recruiting members at the same pace. There isn’t one specific way to stop gangs and the crimes they commit with the help of the government and communities working together the kids who join gangs can be stopped before they make the choice to join.
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