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1. Do gangs serve a purpose? The purpose of a criminal gang is to provide protection to its members from other criminals. Differentiate between a gang and a fraternity. Gangs are groups of youths who engage in delinquent behaviors. Police departments often use it only to refer to a group that hold and defend a territory. A Fraternity is an organized society of men associated together in an environment of companionship and brotherhood; dedicated to the intellectual, physical, and social development of its members. 2. Discuss the differences between violent, criminal, and drug-oriented gangs. Some gangs are devoted to violence and to protecting neighborhood boundaries or turf; others are devoted to theft; some specialize in drug trafficking. 3. How do gangs in suburban areas differ from inner-city gangs? Suburban gangs tend to be composed of ethnic youths of European ancestry. While inner-city gangs tend to be Latino, Black, or Asian memebers. 4. Do delinquents have old and distant relationships with their peers? Most of the time they alienate themselves from the rest of the world. Gang members lack the social skills to make their peer relationships work. 5. Can gangs be controlled without changing the economic opportunity structure of society? I think that probably not. Gangs are a natural response to lower class life and a status, generating nothing for boys who cannot realize their aspirations by legitimate means. Gangs, poverty, and minorities are almost parallel words. Are there any truly meaningful alternatives to gangs today for lower-class youths? Yes there are social programs that can help gang involved youth. Community mobilization, that includes citizens, youth, community groups all working towards the same goal. Providing economic, social, and academic support to these children can make a change. Also, program which provide special

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