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* “How has the gang phenomenon effected our youth? What gangs reside in your community? What has to be done to protect our youth from gangs? How do gangs play into society’s future?” Gangs I would like to start this essay out with a simple fact. This fact has been proven time and time again. In order for our children to become successful, the parents MUST be involved. This cannot be stressed enough. If the parents are unaware of what their children are doing then what do we expect from the children? They need guidance, love, nurturing, and a stern hard to teach right from wrong. Without proper directions children are easily misguided and quickly turn to the streets for attention and a family. They are our most valuable resource, let’s please not discard them. I will then start out with explaining what exactly a gang is, a gang is a group of people who share a common purpose; engage in criminal activity like drug dealing, graffiti, and violence; and often have a common name, symbol, or color. Gang members frequently hang out together and claim a specific area or “turf.” Gang leaders use a variety of tactics to recruit new members. They often target and recruit children and teens who perform poorly in school, skip class, have few friends, have low self-esteem, need money, or have already gotten into trouble with the law. Gangs promise money, prestige, drugs and alcohol, sex, and a sense of belonging. This may sound tempting, but there is a stiff price to pay in order to get these things. New gang members usually must commit crimes and acts of violence. Gang initiation ceremonies are different for men and women. ( )When young men join gangs, they may have to fight several other gang members simultaneously. When young women join, they may be raped by other gang members or forced to fight other female gang members. All new gang members

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