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Gang Violence In Nj Essay

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  • on April 1, 2011
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Jacqueline Anouge

Dr. Juan Orejarena

GE2021 – Section 4

November 25, 2010

Gang Violence in New Jersey

                  According to the 2007 New Jersey State Police Gang Survey, five gangs were reported present in fifty or more of New Jersey municipalities. In this survey they have gathered enough information to show that the Bloods, Latin Kings, Crips, MS-13, and Pagans Motorcycle Club were the gangs found present consistently throughout towns and cities of New Jersey. They have also concluded that in 2007 one other gang was roaming forty-six municipalities statewide; Ñeta (http://www.state.nj.us/njsp/info/pdf/njgangsurvey-2007.pdf). The New Jersey municipal system is constantly trying to find new ways to help make the streets of our state a safer place to be, but one concern that needs to be investigated more strictly and seriously is gang violence in our bad neighborhoods. Our judges, police officers, and other municipal staff need to work harder to curb gang violence by increasing the number of police patrols in known gang-infiltrated neighborhoods, pressing the courts for longer and stiffer sentences involving gang affiliated crimes, and establishing an educational campaign to teach children surrounded by gang violence techniques and advice on how to resist the involvement in these activities and crimes.
            To begin, here is some background on the gangs that will be discussed. One gang that has grown rapidly throughout the years in New Jersey is the Bloods. The Bloods are an African-American gang that started in Los Angeles, California. The primary reason why the Bloods are so huge and notorious today is because they wanted to compete against the intimidation and rivalry of the Crips. It all started when the Pirus, a set underneath the Crips, separated during an internal gang war. After they had separated, they united together and formed their own gang called The Bloods. Due to this act, the Pirus set is known to be the original...

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