Gang Violence In New Jersey

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Jacqueline Anouge Dr. Juan Orejarena GE2021 – Section 4 November 25, 2010 Gang Violence in New Jersey According to the 2007 New Jersey State Police Gang Survey, five gangs were reported present in fifty or more of New Jersey municipalities. In this survey they have gathered enough information to show that the Bloods, Latin Kings, Crips, MS-13, and Pagans Motorcycle Club were the gangs found present consistently throughout towns and cities of New Jersey. They have also concluded that in 2007 one other gang was roaming forty-six municipalities statewide; Ñeta ( The New Jersey municipal system is constantly trying to find new ways to help make the streets…show more content…
To begin, here is some background on the gangs that will be discussed. One gang that has grown rapidly throughout the years in New Jersey is the Bloods. The Bloods are an African-American gang that started in Los Angeles, California. The primary reason why the Bloods are so huge and notorious today is because they wanted to compete against the intimidation and rivalry of the Crips. It all started when the Pirus, a set underneath the Crips, separated during an internal gang war. After they had separated, they united together and formed their own gang called The Bloods. Due to this act, the Pirus set is known to be the original founders of the Bloods. At that moment in time, the Crips could have outnumbered the Bloods by an insane amount of gang members. The main income for the Bloods has, and always will be, drug production, drug selling, and drug…show more content…
The Crips originated back in the late 60s in Los Angeles, California. The Crips first started off as one alliance, but quickly turned into a gang with a variety of sets along the West Coast, and involving themselves in open warfare with one another. The Crips have turned into one of the largest and most intimidated gangs in the United States. The gang started primarily between two people, Stanley Williams and Raymond Washington. These two men were once united together in the Crips, but ended splitting up and having their own sets. Washington and Williams both decided to unite their sets together from the west and east sides of South Central Los Angeles so they could rival other street gangs in the surrounding areas of their hood. The Crips’ original name was “Cribs”. This name was decided between two other names: The Black Overlords and The Assassins. The gang chose “Cribs” due to the fact that many of the gang members were still very young so they associated this word with their age group. The word Crib shortly turned into the word Crip due to the fact that members of the gang were carrying around canes. One reason that some of the gang members carried around canes was to represent their “pimp” status. To go further in depth, a pimp is someone that sells woman’s bodies for earnings. The more women you have and sell, the bigger of a pimp you are. Once the gang had changed

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