Gang Violence Essay

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The three articles all seemed to have a common research method and that was observation and a lot of it seemed to be complete observer with the exception of Stephanie Coontz article. Coontz article, I believe, employed the lit review as well as observational research. The articles were packed with information that didn’t look like the author was completely involved with the articles subject but more analyzed data that they observed from a far with little to no interaction. Elijah Anderson’s article The Codes of the Streets to see if it could really give me some insight as to inner-city individual’s thoughts and their views of society as a whole. It’s interesting to see that many people that “run in the streets” were exposed to that type of lifestyle early in life and were in one way or another influenced to choose “the streets”. Anderson (pp.97) talks about the codes of the streets and how individuals will invest in that code and grow with that code. The second article, Emile Durkheim’s The Normality of Crime. Durkheim stated “due to the incorrigible wickedness of men; it is to affirm that it is a factor in public health, an integral part in all societies” (p.263). I was fascinated to see crime is going to happen in any society. I hope that this particular article will help show that crime is going to happen but also possibly help shed light on why actions are being taken in one area but not another. Last article by Coontz I believe will help make a connection between families of the gang members and how they interact with society based on the values that are instilled with

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