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Gang-Life Essay

  • Submitted by: krunch123
  • on June 3, 2012
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Sean Jamou
Sociology 185
Ron West
Sociology Essay

The Gang Culture

  Modern urban gangs have evolved into tribal organizational structures. These new urban tribes have developed into a sub-culture in the streets of the urban jungle. They claim territory, are self-supporting, have their own language and customs, and establish their own rules and codes of conduct. Their customs are passed to new members by rites of passage from generation to generation, ensuring the continuance of the gang. Gang members identify themselves as a people that are separate from the rest of society. Gang members are also a sub-culture that disturbs the actual culture through many ways, like gang violence and selling drugs. The inside of a gang you have a group of brothers that will kill for each other and for their territories.
    The way gangs function today is through ranks. There are one or more gang leaders who control their soldiers. They sell drugs near their territories to familiar customers. According to the book, Sociology: A Brief Introduction; one in every four members of drug-oriented street gangs is eventually killed. The reason they keep selling drugs is due to the fact that there is a high demand of illegal drugs (Shcaefer, 2011).
    Young adults ranging from 12-18 years of age get into gangs for many reasons. One reason is that they look for somewhere where they feel like they are wanted. Gangs usually develop in urban areas and in ghettos. Another reason kids join gangs is for identity. Many youths are desperately trying to find a place to belong. Gangs accept youths who don’t feel loved by parents, adults and school. Some kids join gangs for protection from other gangs, especially in the inner city.
    Gangs can become violent very quickly. They use violence as a technique of intimidation not just for one person, but all of the people in the neighborhood. Most communities set up neighborhood watches and keeping contact with police to lower the...

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