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Gang Essay

  • Submitted by: aboomer1427
  • on April 3, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Gridiron Gang
Jocks, cheerleaders, goths, and nerds are pretty common and popular cliques when it comes to high school but there is one that is more remote and secluded, this is the football team. Yeah there is the soccer team and baseball team but football team is the closest. This is the Gridiron Gang.

This gang consists of not only the players but also the coaches and other staff members and like most teams we have rules. Our leader would be Coach Lewis and he makes almost all of the rules. We do not fail classes, we respect everyone, we stay clean, and there is absolutely no cheating because if you cheat yourself you cheat your team. The members of this club are coaches, running backs, receivers, quarterbacks, linebackers, defensive backs and linemen. But unlike most gangs we need every single member on every single day to come to practice and get better.

As football players we have pride and we take pride in winning, team work, leadership, sportsmanship, honesty, trustworthiness and hard work. Even if we don’t win every game we strive to. And we trust everyone we could leave the locker room with

money in your locker unlocked and when you come back it will still be there. And like most sports one player cannot win or lose a game so we rely on our teammates to do their job and there will be a good team.

This gang is open to almost anyone willing to dedicate to the sport of football for four years and put in the work to become a good football player. But you will not be considered part of the team if you show up and not do one thing and don’t go to summer work outs and don’t work your tail off because that is what this team is all about. And this gang never stops changing because the seniors graduate and move on and new freshmen come in and it’s a never ending process.

I’m in this gang because I play football and always have and will for as long as I can. That’s how all the players on this team became members just by playing which in the...

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