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Your name is Rufioh Nitram, and you've decided that you never want to attend a bachlorette party again. You've been sitting on one of the hotel suite's couches for the past couple of hours in a room full of giggling girls, sipping on probably your fifth cosmopolitan (really, can't they have something a bit stronger). You weren't even sure why you were here, other than Damara dragging you along, excitedly telling you what was happening, which you only caught snippets of from your limited knowledge of Japanese. You didn't even know Meenah's little sister was getting married, but they were exceptionally okay with you hanging out with them as they gossiped, played odd games, and were genuinely very girly. You were going to kill whichever one of them decided you were 'one of the girls.' You gave it a good try, having an enjoyable time. The first couple of hours were fine, Meenah and Porrim were always good company for you (despite your green-eyed friend hitting on you, even knowing she'd never get anywhere). But as the night went on and the liquor flowed more freely, Meenah left your side for Aranea and Porrim was flitting across the room, dropping in on different conversations. As the night went on, you were starting to get drained from the lack of testosterone, and you thought to just leave. All the talk of Feferi's upcoming wedding, and everyone else mentioning their good relationships, was making you sulky and lonely. It had been a couple of months since your break-up with Horrus, and though it had been you that initiated the separation, you didn't still get antsy for some human contact. You had been rather unsuccessful in finding someone new, and listening to Meenah tell stories about her vacation with Aranea was getting on your last lonesome nerve. But when you were on your way to sneaking out of the suite, Damara and Latula pulled you back, promising

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