Games Addiction Essay

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SAMPLE LEGAL ANALYSIS IN HYPOTHETICAL EXAMS: IRAC Method Prepared by RCM Problem 1: A was awakened at midnight by the noises coming from outside of his room. The room and whole place were dark because of the total black out caused by the storm. A surmised that somebody was trying to force open the door of his room. He asked who was trying to come inside but received no answer. On his third attempt to find out who was entering the room, a chair, which he previously placed behind the door, struck him in his knee, leading him to believe that he was attacked. Suddenly, the door burst opened and a man entered the room. A stabbed the man in his chest. Moments later he discovered that the intruder was his flatmate. In the case for homicide, A pleaded not guilty and interposed self-defense. Is his plea of self-defense meritorious? ANSWER: Yes, his plea of self-defense is meritorious. A person who acted under a gross misapprehension of fact that he had been unlawfully assaulted by an aggressor, there being no negligence or criminal intent on his part, could undertake all necessary steps to defend himself from danger. In the instant case, A honestly believed that he was under attack by an unknown assailant at the time that he stabbed the would-be unlawful aggressor. He had not been negligent in inquiring about the identity of the intruder since he had tried to ask the intruder about his identity for three times. He had honestly thought that he was under attack when his knee was hit by a chair. As such, if the facts been as he had believed them to be, he would be justified in killing the intruder. Therefore, his defense should be given credence by the court. Problem 2 Nora and Pip got married in 1999. Nora was only 17 years of age at that time, thus, they made it appeared that she had turned 18 when they applied for a marriage license. In 2005, things got messy

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