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As a keen lover of sport, it is hard for me to say good bye to players who simply give up on playing their games due to their age. As previous Premier League Football stars such as ‘Ryan Giggs-37’ ‘Paul Scholes-37’. These players are a text book example of sportsmen who enable themselves to stay in the game. One of them is still indeed playing football in the most watched League in the world and in fact still makes a huge impact to his club’s game One of the reasons why player’s feel they are no longer worth playing is because of the new talent which gets scouted or pulled through the youth teams. They may feel intimidated that they are better or fitter or faster therefore they stop trying. Another factor could be the fact that they are more injury prone . The term “if you don’t use it, you lose it” can be true as a recent study showed, that professional athletes who have trained hard for a year but immediately stop due to injury can lose up to half of their aerobic fitness in just three whole months. Some players also feel that they’ve achieved enough in their life’s to satisfy themselves and that they’re rich and famous enough not to do anymore. The actual mental factor of not being played can take a huge toll on the player’s confidence and ability to perform under pressure. But our initiative is to keep stars in their peak of playing for as long as we possibly can, as it is such a waste of talent to see famous sports stars to give up or simply, not try anymore due to their age. Although their bodies may not be as strong or as fit as they once were but that is no reason whatsoever to just stop. There are many other ways which the player can stay involved in the sport. As a co-founder of this initiative, I think it’s only correct that we take this matter into our own hands and actually do something about it. Rather than sit on the side line and miss the action.

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