Game Industry Analysis

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The Project Why won’t they return my calls. With the rise of the video games industry thanks to crafty consumers such as yourself, many gamers are suddenly realizing that there Is a workplace where their knowledge of loot tables and button combinations are not shunned, but welcomed! But as legions of people who were brought up playing games are now flocking to the industry that creates them, they are finding that it’s not exactly like applying to Wal-Mart. The jobs are few, companies are opening and closing every day, and lightning fast development cycles are keeping developers’ eyes on their computer screens with little time to hear about your zombie survival MMO. As the aspiring developer may have noticed, the resurgence of the video games industry as an employment destination has yielded many new resources to help guide one in the right direction, and this article is no exception. Books are being written on the subject and many industry professionals are giving great “how to break into the industry” talks. If you aren’t reading this, or attending those, you should. We are a student team from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, which has a game development program and is home to many bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young game developers. While the school, as well as many other institutions, has been able to channel the ancient teaching magics to educate the passionate masses on how to make games, getting the interview for the job is still unknown territory. Interviewing for a game job is sort of like a unicorn; it doesn’t seem to appear very often and it has a large deadly spike on its head. Our mission was simple… so simple in fact, that we needed to make it a little bit more complicated so we’d feel good about ourselves. We wanted to speak to game developers directly and get a snapshot of what the industry is currently looking for
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