Gamblings In A Slave Girl's Life

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THE HAPPENINGS IN THE SLAVE GIRLS'S LIFE | November 6 2012 | EKATERINA PAUL | | Mrs. Nancy WerheimIs ENGL 1011-06 College Writing Exposition I "LIFE SO DEAR OR PEACE SO SWEET AS TO BE PURCHASED AT THE PRICE OF CHAINS AND SLAVERY? FORBID IT, ALMIGHTY GOD! I KNOW NOT WHAT COURSE OTHERS MAY TAKE, BUT AS FOR ME, GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH!" PATRICK HENRY As narrative enters, Lind Brent conveys the "irregular rich affairs" of her early immaturity before she knew she was a slave. Brent points out that she stayed blissfully unaware of her enslaved status until the age of six, when her mother passed away. My argument is that slaves got treated worse than the dirt under their feet and nobody paid any mind to it because…show more content…
What do they have to be happy about when they are the slum of the crop? When you're a slave happy images don't come about into your brain because the life you are living is not a happy one. Comparing the life that we live in now and the life that the slaves lived back then, the actions of both parties are very different. People now days complain more about everything than a slave did. Thinking that, what else can go wrong, and not thinking of the gratefulness of our surroundings. Linda thought it was selfish of thinking about the joy of others. What about all of humanity? What makes their feelings back then different then our feelings right now? It's completely nothing different at all. Respect is the main word of society today, but society changes either for the bad or the good. This was stated about Linda's…show more content…
She was still a child at this point, but that didn't matter in her master's eyes. The curse back then was being a beautiful slave girl. This was wrong and shameful to hear for the others, but no one could ask the master to stop because punishment would be unleashed upon the being of truth. Linda had to coup with it for a long time, even if she was a girl, the master had no respect in those aspects. She was told to submit to him, and if not done so the treatment would get worse and worse. And she new in the future for the others it would be the same as it was for her. In these regards she

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