Gambling in Sport Essay

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Introduction: The topic we chose is gambling in sport. Gambling in sport generates a global turnover of around 140 billion dollars a year and threatens the credibility of sport (abc). With this much revenue being brought in each year from gambling in sport one can tell that a major part of the society we live in has partaken in sport gambling at one point of his or her life. Sport gambling affects a range of people in our society. It affects high school kids all the way to the elderly. People have been betting on sports events for a long time. The practice of sports betting dates back to the Greeks and Romans (sports agent blog). Gambling in sports in America gained popularity in the early 19th century with the gaining interest of horse racing. By the 20th century interest in horse racing reached its peak. The 20th century also brought increasing popularity in betting on other sports, like baseball, football and basketball. Televising sporting events along with Las Vegas in 1931 legalizing gambling subsequently lead to a dramatic increase in betting on sporting events. These are just a few major events that contributed to the boom of the sports gambling industry that took our society by storm. I have seen first-hand accounts of how gambling in sport can negatively affect a person’s everyday life. A close friend of mine started betting on sports events through a bookie. My friend started out winning a pretty decent amount of money. Then gradually his luck declined and he started betting money he did not have, which in turn led him to start selling some of his possessions to pay his debts. Then it got to the point where he was asking my friends and me for money to cover his gambling debts. Ultimately he could not pay the money he owed the bookie. The bookie threatened to come down to Florida if he did not pay. My friend finally resorted to

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