Gambling Attitude Essay

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Introduction Gambling is the process by which an individual puts his/her money or any other valuable item at stake for the hope of winning more money or goods (Strack and Deutsch, 2004). The outcome of winning or losing is always uncertain. This is because gamblers normally depend on chance to win. The process of gambling is normally short. Once the results are out, a gambler has the choice of walking away with his winnings or restrain himself from playing as a result of losing (Houben and Wiers, 2006). The other choice is to continue playing. However, all these choices depend on the nature of an individual and the attitude and beliefs he/she has towards gambling. Lottery tickets, board games, cards, slot machines and betting are just but examples of different types of gambles that are present (Allport, 2005). Each one of these games is different from the other. In addition, the stakes of each game is different. To protect the interest of all gamblers, the nature and extent of gambling is normally controlled by the law. In many countries, this control lies under the gaming and betting board or gaming and licensing board (Allport, 2005). These laws clearly state the rules and regulations that should be considered while gambling, the variety of games that are permitted by the state and the procedures and guidelines that should be followed in the process of gambling. However, this paper will not focus on the nature of gambling or its legality. Instead, it will focus on the contrasting attitudes and beliefs of gamblers and non-gamblers. It is a matter of fact that gamblers and non-gamblers have different views towards gambling. To understand this, the impacts of the various factors that affect the process of gambling shall be analysed. This analysis shall be done on individuals who are either gamblers or non-gamblers. In the end, a conclusion shall be drawn with

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