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Gambling Gambling is an issue that gains lots of attention because of the controversy surrounding it. There are supporters for and again this multi-billion-dollar industry. Gambling seems like abnormal part of society for many, but others it is viewed as a destructive force ruining a person and their relationships. Since we live in a liberal society we should be able to spend or wealth and time however we want. However, there exist different types of gambling. For example, it is the sports, horses and casino gambling amongst many others. Even though, they have the same purpose and consequences the factors that attract each one of them may be different. In this work will analyze the horse races and the slot machines. Firstly, the horse racing is considered a sport. However, the main reason horse racing is still around today is for the legalized gambling. The fact that all the people can participate in this sport by beating to the winner makes this sport more interesting. Learning how to bet to this game is easy and people is only attracted because the probability of wining. The public sometimes make some research about the horse to increase the odds of winning, while other just trust in their lucky number, a hunch or simple try to guess which will be the winner. The consequences of wining are no problem because everyone like to win money. In contrast, the repercussion of losing is much higher. The player can lose many things like money, this can be funds for their education of their children, saving for trips and retirement, and there are people that even bet his house or cars. Moreover, gambling becomes addictive and eliminates the fun of watching horse racing. Secondly, the slot machines are slightly different. When you enter to a casino the slot machines are filling much of the space, as far as the eye can see. This and the fact that they are really easy to

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