Gamal Abdel Nasser Essay

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Gamal Abd El-Nasser Egypt is one of the greatest countries in the whole world, it faced lots of eras, starting from the great Pharaonic ages till our days now. Egypt passed through tragic times and joyful times, the tragic times are when we were passing through the series events whether in wars or revolutions, when we lost our beloved Martyrs or like the lose we faced on the 1967 against Israel. Besides the Tragic moments, we also faced the amazing victories like winning in a war, when that happened in 1973 and we kicked out the enemy from our land and our indescribable moment in the 25th January revolution, when we removed the regime. Egypt was ruled by several presidents, one of these presidents was Gamal Abdel Nasser. In this topic, some arguments will be discussed from several articles and several authors on the important decisions that Gamal Abdel Nasser took it through his ruling period. one of the most important issues that faced Gamal Abdel Nasser , that when he fought with the Egyptian army in the 1948 war against Israel and a huge scandal happened to the royal family which is that the army was defeating with damaged weapons. Here in this case Nasser realized that the royal family has to leave the country which was ran by king Farouq, and that Egypt needed a new government, he thought that the best who can lead the country in that meantime was the army, Nasser decided to be against the king for the sake of Egypt’s future. "This led Nasser to believe that it was inevitable that the army should itself take up the national assignment of salvaging the country from corruption." (Bistoni, .25 March 2010). On October 29, 1956, France, England and Israel united on one point which was the willing of controlling the Suez Canal; the Suez Canal was first begun in November 1869 that connected the world that helped in the business trading operations among

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