Galveston Hurricane 1900

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Galveston Hurricane A hurricane is an advanced tropical storm with winds of 74 miles per hour or more and can cause massive damage to people, wildlife, and structures. There have been many hurricanes in the past that have caused tremendous damage but one of the worst have been the Galveston hurricane. This storm destroyed homes, families, and more. The hurricanes destruction left a wide path of death in its wake. The casualties are what make this hurricane the 3rd most deadly hurricane in history. By the end of this hurricane approximately 8,000 out of 36,000 people died from the destruction it left. To put these numbers into perspective that’s around 1 out every 5 people dead. To imagine the pain of the survivors think of 5 people you care about and imagine if one at random where to die due to such a tragedy. As if the hurricane hasn’t taken enough already there was several million dollars worth of property damage, that comes out of everyone’s pocket to rebuild. Not everyone had lost faith after the hurricane; a support group called the Red Cross aided many survivors. Several orphanages and homeless shelters where made to assist the needy. The Red Cross also supplied lumber to assist in the rebuilding of homes and other buildings. Though the Red Cross established the orphanages, nuns where the people that maintained it. Nuns also ran orphanages during the storm and did their best to keep the children safe though many had failed and died along with children. Even though a lot of progress has been made on recovering the city never recovered from this. 115 years have passed and the population has only grown by about 20,000 and this is a city that was once named the Wall Street of the South and former capitol of Texas. Sadly nowadays the city is one big ghetto and few ancient neighborhoods still stand but this city is haunted with the eerie memory of this
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