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GALLIPOLI ESSAY By Danny G In ‘Gallipoli’ by Peter Weir the first scene was set in Western Austrailia in the middle of nowhere where we meet the main character Archie and his mentor / uncle Jack. Then the scenes are cut to other places such as Cairo Egypt where the mock battle took place then moves along to Gallipoli where the Austrailian army fought the Turkish , This was where most of the dying took place due to incompetent commanders who had ordered the men to die. The main characters of this film are Archie and Frank. Peter Weirs portrays many messages in this film and most of them are anti-war such as war is not so glorius and war sends young men to die. The movie also encourages young people not to go to war and die , Weirs is trying to show the viewers that war is futile. The first shot is one of the most important shots of the movie, it is when uncle jack and Archie are practicing for the run. The actual run is important but what is even more important are the watch and the mantra. The watch is shown through out the movie many times as like when uncle jack times Archie in his practice run and when the commanders tried to synchronize there watches but they didn’t do it properly so hundreds of brave men died. The watch is important because it symbolizes time running out, Weirs gets this message across by having only the watch on the screen and has the watch count down to the time, and the only music while the clocks were ticking were only the sound of the clocks ticking. Also the mantra is important to the movie and its contents because it helps Archie get through rough times and also when he is racing he says the mantra. Like in the first scene when Archie was racing against Less for his aboriginal friend Zac he quoted the mantra before racing , also before his big race he quoted the mantra and before he went over the wall he

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