Gallipoli Film Essay

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The film ‘Gallipoli’ is a representation of the World War 1 Gallipoli campaign of 1915. This essay discusses the faults and truths within this film. There are many different things that the director Peter Weir has done right from accurately describing the conditions of battle of Galliopli, to doing a great job of capturing the atmosphere concerning the recruitment of the young men who served in the war. The set design was very affective in showing the trenches which where amazingly lifelike in their appearance although wasn’t as accurate in showing the trenches living conditions and diseases. This movie also shows the British officers mentality to the Australian soldiers but again has faults as doesn’t show the British soldiers sacrifice and loss. The film is quite historically accurate in depicting the Australian Gallipoli campaign. The movie touched on each of these points as well as gave us a real picture of how much this war was a massacre of men. The film ‘Gallipoli’ is an accurate representation of the atmosphere concerning the recruitment of men & the perception on war. During 1914-1918 at the time of the First World War the perception on war was very different that it is now, the men were uneducated on what war was like and the hardships they would have to face. The media of the day glorified war and there were no other mass media alternatives that highlighted the problems of war. War was perceived as honorable and manly. All the men were encouraged to join and ‘shirking your duty' was frowned upon. Public opinion in the world at the beginning of the war was optimistic and young men were looked upon to fight for their countries. In the movie, Arch and his friends were encouraged to join the fight. They went without any idea of what it really was like or what could happen to them once they got there. Most men were extremely glad to comply to
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