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AL100 Essay The Role of Gallipoli in Shaping a Proud, Loyal and Patriotic Nation By Ellie Hargreaves 20140721 The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Abstract Gallipoli was a monumental occasion in Australia’s history and has since had a resounding impact on the nation’s identity. The involvement of ANZAC troops in the campaign led to the development of the Anzac legend and in turn helped to form an identity for Australia that was patriotic, proud and loyal. The ideals of the ‘digger’ represented characteristics of comradeship and bravery, which are still apparent in today’s society. The sacrifices made in Gallipoli are recognised and honoured annually on ANZAC Day as we come together as a nation to commemorate the bravery shown by the ANZAC troops. An example was set by the Anzacs for generations of Australians to follow and their involvement in the Gallipoli campaign laid the foundations for the nation’s identity to be made up of nationalistic and proud values. Australia’s involvement in the Gallipoli campaign was a turning point in the nation’s history and because of this, the spirit of the soldiers and the sacrifices made are still remembered and honoured every year on Anzac Day. Although the campaign is often associated with loss of lives and defeat, in Australia it came to represent glory, pride and honour as it helped to form a national identity. Gallipoli was significant for several reasons and it continues to have a lasting significance, as many of the ideals it brought about all those years ago are still very apparent in today’s society. These ideologies have contributed to shaping our values and identity as Australians, as Gallipoli was an event of national significance. They include factors such as the portrayal of mateship, the sense of heroism and pride that the Anzac soldiers represented, and also the ‘coming togetherness’ and patriotism

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