Gallaugher Harnessing It Essay

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CH APTE R Setting the Stage: Technology and the Modern Enterprise 1. TECH’S TECTONIC SHIFT: RADICALLY CHANGING BUSINESS LANDSCAPES L E A R N I N G O B J E C T I V E 1 1. Appreciate how in recent years, technology has helped bring about radical changes across industries and throughout societies. This book is written for a world that has changed radically in the most recent years of your lifetime. At the start of the prior decade, Google barely existed and well-known strategists dismissed Internet advertising models.[1] By decade’s end, Google brought in more advertising revenue than any firm, online or off, and had risen to become the most profitable media company on the planet. Today billions in advertising dollars flee old media and are pouring into digital efforts, and this shift is reshaping industries and redefining skills needed to reach today’s consumers. A decade ago the iPod also didn’t exist, and Apple was widely considered a tech industry has-been. Within ten years Apple had grown to be the most valuable tech firm in the United States, selling more music and generating more profits from mobile device sales than any firm in the world. Moore’s Law and other factors that make technology faster and cheaper have thrust computing and telecommunications into the hands of billions in ways that are both empowering the poor and poisoning the planet. Social media barely warranted a mention a decade ago, but today, Facebook’s user base is larger than any nation, save for China and India. Firms are harnessing social media for new product ideas and for millions in sales. But with promise comes peril. When mobile phones are cameras just a short hop from YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter, every ethical lapse can be captured, every customer service flaw graffiti-tagged on the permanent record that is the Internet. The service and ethics bar for today’s manager has never been

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