Gail Buckley's American Patriots

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American Patriots, by Gail Buckley focuses on the particular experiences of black soldiers. Buckley pulls no punches in describing discrimination against black soldiers, misrepresentation of their performances and denial of their achievements. Though in a dominant culture for much of its history was overtly segregated and highly racist, the pressures of necessity opened military service to black people. The theme to Buckley's narrative, it is that military service offered African-Americans a means of improving their lives while making history at the same time. Buckley aimed to prove that even through racism and segregation, black servicemen and service women defended themselves along with their country on the battlefield. American Patriots is a work both fed and marred by the writer's passion for her subject of blacks in the military. Gail Buckley tries to correct that history with this text. She succeeds in the end, but her journey is long and hard and the reader feels the hardships of all the 14 years she spent writing it. Buckley, who was a longtime journalist, shows the…show more content…
This is because as a black man, it is good to learn and read about black heroes in significant battles that I previously had no knowledge of. The author’s argument was clear and convincing. It is understood that Buckley wants the readers to understand the hardship of segregation and racism toward African American service people in war. Despite those hardships, it is that since World War I, blacks have proven their bravery in their accomplishments as war veterans. I feel that individuals of all ethnicities can benefit most from this book. It is a great read informing readers about black people who have not been mentioned among names as hero in American wars. It is most beneficial to black people because it gives a sense of confidence and pride because we can no longer been seen as a race that has no significant people in American war
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