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Gadgets and Gizmos D’Andrea P. Poole English Composition I January 31, 2012 Gadgets and Gizmos Gadgets, gizmos, doo hickeys, doodads; new technology of all shapes, sizes, and calibers are being created every day to make ordinary task and not so every day activities just a tad easier and not to mention more fun. Although I use technology for work, as I’m using this computer currently to type this essay, I generally use it for entertainment. If I had my choice of gadgets I’d probably go a bit crazy and choose the newest most high tech cell phone, computer, and television out there. As stylish as it is powerful the Samsung Galaxy S III is fully loaded with everything a person could ask for in a phone, and of course so much more that you couldn’t even begin to think of. Equip with a 4.8” Super AMOLED™ display screen this phone is made for web surfing, emailing, gaming, and even movie watching. Do you like to multi-task, because I know I do. Introducing Pop Up Play, this picture in a picture feature allows you continue enjoying movies in HD while at the same time surfing the web, emailing, or texting. This is multitasking to the max! “Take a picture it will last longer.” The S III has an 8.0 mega pixel camera on the back, and it also has another 1.9 mega pixel camera on the front for the optimum picture taking experience. Whether it’s one picture or twenty they’ll be taken in seconds with the Galaxy’s Burst Shot feature. This allows you to take up to 20 shots continuously ( While the Galaxy S III may share some its features with other popular smart phones, it also has some that are unique. S Voice allows you to perform task such as typing a text message, making a phone call, or getting directions using your voice alone. Just as effective but yet even more amazing the Galaxy has S Beam. This feature enables you to transfer photos, videos and

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