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Recent digital advances have brought upon the birth of smart phones and tablets, commonly categorized as smart devices. Features that make these devices highly attractive include its applications, from social media sites to games and other networking possibilities that keep one always connected to the virtual world. While many of these gadgets improve the connectivity, and increase the communication between individuals, these devices on the other hand seem to severely impact the communication between family and friends, whereby they serve more of a distraction than its purpose, impairs effective communication and retards interpersonal skill development essential for relationships. Smart devices may hamper family dynamics, especially when used as distractions during crucial family bonding activities. Meal time is family time, and it is vital that face to face interaction occur during this period. Studies have shown a correlation between this activity and child development, where children who have regular sit down meals with their parents tend to develop good social skills and earn better grades, as the family communicates (Goscicki, 2011). In today’s world, mealtime does not concern face-to-face interactions we observe parents attending to their mobile phones rather than their children’s rants. Likewise, the rant can easily be stopped when the child is given an iPad with a fancy movie or fruit ninja. A research showed more than 70 percent of caregivers were prone to distractions rather than communicating with their children (Goscicki, 2011). This then questions the type of interactions present between parent and child, and how communication between both can impact the development of child vocabulary, an essential trait built during dinner interactions (Gordon, 2014). In addition, children do not necessarily require constant attention, however, with distracted

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