Gadget Dependency Essay

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Chapter II DISCUSSION A. Dark Side of A Son : Addiction to anything can be considered as a medical disorder. But addiction to gadgets and technology is somehow more alarming. They say that the youngs are the hope of the future, but how is that possible if most of them has only one thing to do, and that’s to play gadgets 24/7. The number of gadget addicts are multiplying 130% per year. People must be afraid that the time will come that every family in the world will have an addict member. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, children, on average, spend nearly seven and a half hours each day staring at those tiny displays, up 20 percent from just five years ago, leading some experts to believe the surge of ADHD diagnosis coincides with the skyrocketing use of mobile devices, the New York Times reported. To be clear, these findings are correlations, and not causal links. But to understand any relation between the two, we need to explore how gadgets are affecting the developing minds of the children. Let’s go back to our restaurant and shine a spotlight on that 1-in-10 kid with ADHD. Since boys with the condition outnumber girls, we’ll call him Josh. Josh is playing Minecraft. His head is down, his attention rapt, his eyes riveted on the display. He looks like every other child his age, but as he plays on the tablet, his mind is processing information in a much different way than the other kids running around the room. If we could scan his brain, we would see that his mind is working harder to absorb the barrage of sensations, and that increased neural activity makes it more difficult for him to focus on any one task. In fact, his ability to concentrate on the game, and not anywhere else, is a hallmark sign of hyperactivity. It might look like concentration, but it isn’t — at least not in the way we think of it. According to Christopher Lucas,

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