Gadget Addiction Essay

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Noémi Jankula Noémi Jankula Benedek Péter Tóta BBNAN02300 2013. 03. 19. Gadget addiction Addiction to gadgets means a huge problem in the societies of the developed countries in our days. The appearance of technological gadgets like mobile phone, tablets and their numerous varieties can cause countless toughies on all fields of the life. First of all, for instance the possession of a mobile phone has different reasons. Most people use them in order to keep contact with their relatives and their business partners. Nowadays the most serious is that people feel themselves in security if they have their mobile phone. They think that this little device can save them from dangers. In reality sets can not rescue them in dangerous situations and in most cases the usage of them can rush people into danger. Secondly, gadgets got into hand of children. Children improve in faster way, which is thanks to gadgets. It is an unsolved problem how to keep away them from becoming addicted to gadgets. Present day games and applications make them stupid and they close them from outside world. It will not be known what fresh air means, because they only can play with these devices alone, not in the garden with their friends. Thirdly, one of the most important effects of gadgets is on our health. As scientists proved, they can radiate, which can generate cancer or other diseases. People can be more nervous, shaky and restless because of the symptoms of distraction. They do not realize when they become addicted to them only when their friends and family members call their attention that they feel their fury on themselves. However, these gadgets can entertain us. There are some games and applications which make us laugh or develop our logic. It is good until we can use it on the right way and until the right time. The most important is that we have to know where the

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